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The Tussock Vodka is bottled with a blade of Tussock Grass (Poa Labillardierei), which is hand picked from the farmstead of the distillery. This is a silky, smooth Vodka with subtle grain flavours and a grassy note. It has great mouthfeel which is a little oily. It remains great to drink neat, mix or for cocktail creating.

It has been made with Australian Wheat, distilled eight times and charcoal filtered.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Clear

Nose: Light nose which is smooth, then grassy note and grain aroma appear.

Palate: Silkiness overcomes taste buds with the grassy and grainy note slowly dropping off. There is little heat which allows you to taste the origin and continues with the overall smoothness.

Finish: Refined finish with slight oiliness.

Distillery Hold Fast Distillery
Name Tussock Vodka
Distilled Unkown
Cask N/A
Cask Numbers Unkown
Bottled Unkown
Bottles Unkown
ABV 41.0% - 44.0% Varies between batches
Size 500ml



The Voyage Numbers

 Voyage Number Number of bottles  ABV
1 90 41.6%

When ordering, you will receive the latest batch.

Hold Fast Distillery

Is focused on creating exceptional hand crafted spirits and established in 2020. All of their product is distilled in their 300L Steam driven still called Cyril. The steam gives balanced and uniformed heat in the distillation, which produces a cleaner and crips spirit.

Hold Fast is co-located with Riverbourne Distillery, which is out the back of Captain's Flat, NSW (50 mins South East of Canberra). They use the finest local and imported botanicals to craft superb products.


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