About Us

Whisky Enlightenment is a small, dedicated and passionate team that is based in Australia. Initially starting as a shared dream due to our love of whisky, we took our passion and created something that is designed to support, develop and share the amazing industry that is  Australian Whisky, whilst finding our own place within it.

We support all the Distilleries that we represent with 100% passion.  We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and we can often be found hands on helping at the coal face of production.  Whether it be distilling, blending or helping with cask selections, Whisky Enlightenment loves to help at the grass roots level so we can best represent on the world stage.

We are also dedicated in introducing our products to others that might not normally have access to them.  Thats why you shouldn’t be surprised when you attend a local market only to find one of our team there representing both Whisky Enlightenment and a local distillery alike.  From the humble local market, to your local watering hole then within your own private residence, whisky enlightenment provides the entire range os whisky experiences.

We also recognise that the love of whisky is a journey that takes many paths and that’s why we are dedicated to providing not only fine crafted spirits, but information and articles to help the beginner become the enthusiast. Want to know something, reach out and ask us - if we don’t know the answer we sure as hell are going to find out for you.

Part Distillers, Part Distributors, Part Events - Whisky Enlightenment tailors your experience to your own needs and make your experience an enlightened one.


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