Private Events

If you are looking forward to plan a special event be it for yourself, a group of friends or that special occasions, then we at Whisky enlightenment have got you covered.  We specialise in Master Classes, Tasting events and Cocktail making classes catered specific to your requests and needs. We only represent high end and high quality craft products so you will be experiencing something that only a few get to experience.

Whether you favour Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Rum or Liquors, we can mix and match the perfect event for you. Starting for as little as $50 per person, we can come direct to your home or work place and tailor our event to your needs. Be in an introduction to Whisky, cocktail class or even a Bar set up for your guests, we at Whisky Enlightenment will make guarantee that your event will be perfect and special in its own right. We are passionate about what we do so let us make your next special event an enlightened one.

We have access to a large number of Australian Craft Distilleries, and with the ability to get our hands on that hard to find rare expression, we work closely with you to make sure that your event is indeed special and memorable. We love to show you how the Distillery process works, what the Distiller intended as well as a number of different ways to enjoy craft spirits. We can also help you with food options, or better yet help you with your own food selections for that natural pairing to enhance your event. Craft Spirits and Food are a natural pairing that everyone is only now starting to understand more and more. 

Whats even better is that we can also bring along extra bottles so that you or your guests can purchase on the night any of the drinks that they loved. So what are you waiting for - Email us today and lets start chatting about how amazing your in person and private event will be.

Terms and Conditions that apply:

  • 10 person minimum for all events
  • 25% charge for cancellation within 24hrs of event
  • The Responsible Service of Alcohol apples to all events


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