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Amber Glass - G200

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Handmade glass in the shape of a modified tulip by the expert hand glass blowers of Amber Glass. The Glass is perfect for heavier, typically smoked - peated whisky. Through the narrower cup, aromatics accumulate in the upper part of the glass, thereby increasing the feeling during the tasting. The subtle shape of the glass is due to careful hand - moulded glass. This makes each of our glasses is somewhat unique because the manual production of glass is not the way to get the same repeatability.

The Glass includes a handmade cover into the glass in type "outside", which is designed to the accumulation of all aromatic notes by preventing access of air into the liquor. The whole creates a beautifully crafted tasting set, perfect for any connoisseur.

The Glass comes in a well-displayed package. Perfect for any gift and shipping.


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