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Corowa - Single Cask No. 96 - Ex-Jack Daniels, Bourbon Barrel

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The Jack Daniels single cask release is a first from Corowa Distillery and even better it is a peated release. As we know in Australia, it can be hard to find a robust peated whisky and this one is balanced, with a great growing level of peat. The lighter straw colour of this whisky is deceiving from the rest of the Corowa range, but this packs a lot of flavour and peat, much like an Islay scotch.

The single cask range from Corowa has been growing with such variety and it is fantastic that they have been selected for the cask's excellence and also to showcase other styles beyond their house range

Tasting Notes

Colour: Straw

Nose: Coal driven nose, which develops into peat perfection. Sweetness of honey begins to build.

Palate: Peat continues to grow in intensity. The sweetness of honey continues, with subtle vanilla.

Finish: Long finish, which is peat dominated, with the undertone of sweetness.

Distillery Corowa Distillery
Name Jack Daniels - Single Cask
Distilled 09 Nov 16
Cask American Oak - Ex Jack Daniels barrel
Cask No. 96
Bottled 20 Jun 20
Bottles 161
ABV 55.0%
Size 500 ml


Corowa Distillery

Corowa is a charming Australian country town nestled on the banks of the nation’s longest watercourse, the mighty Murray River.  Recognised as the birthplace of Australian federation, Corowa hosted the first “people’s conference” which began the process of bringing all Australian states together to form a federated nation.

Beyond its rich political history, Corowa is recognised as a premium barely growing region that produces crops with such outstanding protein levels that were once exported to Scotland. The region’s unique climate is tailor-made for whisky production allowing each barrel to mature with exceptional flavour in a short period of time. 

The historic and impressive 1920’s Corowa Flour Mill played a significant role in the town's success during the 1900s. By 2009 it had been neglected for over 40 years. It caught the eye of the Druce family who looked beyond its neglected state and set out to make it the home for their distillery. It has now been faithfully restored to be not just another tourist attraction, but a thriving heart of the community once again.

The family convinced the local Council to sell them the building for the princely sum of $1. They were determined to have their copper stills hand made in Australia, based on the deep desire to give their whisky a truly authentic Australian influence. Heavy building restoration works in 2015 saw the flour grain storage silo transformed into a spectacular distillery space.

The family then spent many months training in some of the greatest distilleries of Scotland and Tasmania to learn their craft and bring that knowledge to the Australian mainland. With a visions To build a reputable destination distillery known around the world for its premium-quality, hand-crafted whisky.

Cold nights and hot days make ideal conditions for maturing whisky and Corowa’s climate is blessed with both. The temperature changes at least 15°C each day, allowing the spirit to naturally mature at a faster rate, thus extracting flavours that distilleries in other parts of the world simply cannot match. With winter temperatures down to -7°C and summer highs up to +45°C they have the hardest working barrels in the world, bringing exceptional complexity and character to their whisky in a time-frame that is the envy of many other distilleries.


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