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Joadja Rum - Release 1

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The release 1 Rum is a great Australian Rum which is made with molasses from New South Wales and matured in an amazing PX Sherry cask. The maturation is what makes this rum stand apart from other Australian rums. 

Joadja distillery is known for sourcing some of the finest Sherry Casks and the use of these maturing this rum has given it special characteristics. From the traditional rum flavour you also get some Cocoa Nips, candied figs and chocolate.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Old Tawny

Nose: Cocoa Nips and burnt sugar. Then Plum overtakes

Palate: Candied Figs and Dark chocolate lay foundation of the flavour with some toffee

Finish: A soft finish with juicy sweet honey


Distillery Joadja
Name Rum - Release 1
Distilled Unkown
Cask PX Sherry
Cask Numbers JW0001-4
Bottled Unkown
Bottles Unkown
ABV 50.0%
Size 500ml


 Joadja Distillery

Established in 2014 this real gem of a distillery is located in the heritage listed town called Joadja Town. The township was first established in the 1870’s by the Australia Kerosene Oil and Mineral Co, who brought hundreds of Scottish oil shale miners over with them, who also had their knowledge in making sly Grog.

In 1911 the once thriving town of 1,200 people come to an end as the process to get the Kerosine became uneconomical. The township passed many hands and in 1999 became heritage listed. The current owners Elisa and Valero (Val) Jimenez set up the Distillery in 2014 and worked hard to maintain the preservation of the township while time sharing to make their fabulous whisky, rum, gin, liqueurs and sherry. As their suggests they are of Spanish origin and have the ability to source the finest ex-Oloroso & ex-Ppedro Ximenez Sherry butts from Spain. Their uniqueness only continues as Val has also been growing their own barley on premises which is used in some of their releases of whisky.

At Joadja they use a 2,500L Wash still; a 800L Spirit still; and a 500L Gin still. All are electrically driven as they focus on reducing their carbon foot print.

Tours of the Distillery including Joadja Creek are made by appointment only.




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