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Riverbourne - Rum Batch 5

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This rum followed from the success of Batch 4 and released on 16 Aug 19.  Another Rum made with NSW molasses and Riverbourne’s own Dunder. Batch 5 is 2 x 50L Bourbon Barrels (one American and the other French Oak), matured for 2.5 years, married and then finished in a second fill 100L Port Barrel for 4 months. It has a great combination of vanilla, honey and dark deep fruits.

The unique characteristics are made with Northern Rivers NSW Molasses and developed further with Riverbourne's own Jamaican style Dunder. 

Tasting Notes

A warm day on the beach develops the right atmosphere for relaxing, bring a bottle of Batch 5 Riverbourne Rum and you develop the perfect combination for a bliss afternoon. The sound of the breaking waves on the beach only bring contrast to this expressive nose. Starting light, but overcoming with a swell of sweetness.

The Sea is always refreshing but this pounding palate will keep you warm with some spice. The large waves of flavour are not a problem because you remain grounded with the earthiness of the Dunder. As you plunge deeper into the flavour you get refreshing fruit which will conclude your day with a superb finish of sweetness and spice.

Colour: Gold

Nose: Sweet and Fruity nose with burnt sugar and light plum.

Palate: The flavour opens with some marzipan and vanilla. Fruity flavours of plum and black currant emerge, while earthiness builds from the Dunder. Subtle spice keeps the flavour balanced. 

Finish: Warming medium finish with sweetness and spice.

Distillery Riverbourne
Name Rum - Batch 5
Distilled 17 Sep 16
Cask 2 x 50L Bourbon (1 French Oak, 1 American Oak), Finished in 100L 2nd Fill Port Cask
Cask No. 22, 23, 10 (Finishing)
Bottled 05 Aug 19
Bottles 152
ABV 48.0%
Size 700ml


Riverbourne Distillery

Established in 2015 and located 50 minutes to the South East of Canberra. This remains the local distillery of Canberra and fondly Riverbourne's water is sourced from the same river which feeds Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin. Martin Pye founded the Distillery and leveraging from his background as a Chemist (4th Generation) he embarked on a journey to follow his passion. His craft began distilling Rum and this led to perfecting his Whisky.

At a height of 1060 metres, this makes Riverbourne one of the highest distilleries in Australia and adds to its unique maturation. Fresh spring water is used in the production and Riverbourne remains one of the few distilleries in Australia which hand mashes their Barley. When it comes to the fermentation, Martin's deep knowledge of ester profiles and fermentation really shines above the rest. He uses a single 900 Litre Traditional Pot Still which is steam driven and jacketed. This bring a softer style of spirit by allowing balanced and uniformed heat in the boiler.

A variety of imported and local barley are used, along with a noteworthy cask selection for maturation. While nestled around the Talaganda State Forrest and Deua National Park, it feeds fresh air for maturation. However the real beauty comes in the afternoon when the sea breeze is feed up the Clyde Mountain giving a much cooler climate which optimises the maturation of Riverbourne spirit. 

With an annual production of 5,000 litres, it allows Riverbourne's artisan spirit, to remain crafted by hand and passion.



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