Craft Works - Capertee - Release 2

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Craft Works - Capertee - Release 2

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Distillery Craft Works (from undisclosed NSW Distillery)
Name Capertee - Release 2
Distilled Unknown
100L Chardonnay, 200L Ex-Bourbon, 20L Botrytis - American Oak. Combination of non-char and heavy char
Cask Numbers Unkown
Bottled Uknown
ABV 47.5%
Size 375ml


The latest Cellar Door release from Craft Works Distillery is the Capertee - Release 2. The good thing about this is, you do not have to go to the Distillery to get hold of one (it will be listed shortly on the Whisky Enlightenment site for purchase). This is an independent bottling from an undisclosed distillery in NSW.

It is a little hot which is surprising because it is bottles at 47.5% ABV and a multi cask vattting: of two wine casks, Chardonnay (100L) & Botrytis (20L); and a ex-Bourbon (200L) cask. These give a complexion of flavour, which takes some time to shine through.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Straw

Nose: Warming nose which tapers off, to bring sweet vanilla and a little oak. Initially feinty nose, but when left to open it, this dissipates.

Palate: Still has a bite, with a buttery note smoothing the flavour. Old Oak, honey, mild lemon & subtle ginger come through.

Finish: A spicy and hot finish, with a long length.


This whisky you want to let open for a bit before drinking. It will allow you focus on the flavours of the whisky. With the 'stay home policy' amongst the Corona Virus it is great that the Cellar Door release is available to get online.

When it comes to comparing the two: Capertee - Release 1 and Release 2, this is how they match up.


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