Discontinuation of Nikka Taketsuru 17, 21 & 25 Yrs

Discontinuation of Nikka Taketsuru 17, 21 & 25 Yrs

By the end of March 2020, Nikka will be discontinuing Taketsuru 17, 21 & 25 Yrs; and including their NAS version 'Pure Malt.' With a glimmer of hope, their NAS will be revised and released towards the end of March 2020. But it is the end of the road for the age statement whiskies.

Like most distilleries in Japan, the down side of popularity is the unfortunate ability to produce and mature in large volumes. This has seen many whiskies in the past coming to the end of the line. So as much as a disappointment, it also allows for other fresh developments to occur.

The forest distillery of Nikka, Miyagikyo will be expanded in the next year with the prospect of almost doubling production to lay down more barrels for maturing; while Yoichi is also in the early stages of being expanded too. With Miyagikyo and Yoichi upgraded it should hopefully overcome the the shortage by 2030.


The name Taketsuru comes from the founder of Nikka,  Masataka Taketsuru. He is considered the Grandfather of Japanese whisky and his journey began in 1918. Born into a Sake family he went to expand his knowledge of alcohol production. This was through university studies in Scotland and later followed by apprenticeships in some distilleries. It was not long till he returned to Japan with his Scottish wife Rita.

In 1934 Taketsuru-san opened his first distillery in the north snowy area of Hokkaido prefecture called Yoichi. Then opened his second distillery in 1969 called Miyakigyo (in Sendai prefecture).

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