Irish Whiskey Rumble - 13 Apr 19

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Irish Whiskey Rumble - 13 Apr 19

The start of the great fight between the Irish Whiskey powerhouses occurred at Soul Trap Bar (Sydney, Australia) on 14 April. This was a fantastic event not only showcasing a variety of Irish Whisky but also allowing them to be paired against each other, while allowing this customers to choose their favourite. As the rounds continued with the victors fighting ahead, we were able to crown the champion of the ring.

 The line up was:

1. Jameson

2. Proper Twelve

3. Slane

4. Teeling Whisky - Small Batch

5. Connemara

6. Bushmills 10

7. Paddy 

8. Writers Tears - Copper Pot

With an illustrious line up, it was not long till we approached the competition. We went through a 'Round Robin' and round one saw some experienced fighters removed from the ring very quickly, one of these was the much hyped contender Proper Twelve. This part was both educational and informative as we went through not only what unique about each Whiskey and their tasting notes, but was special at each distillery too.

The larger part of Round one allowed the customers to cleanse their palate with a refreshing ale supplied by Coopers and some amazing sliders by the team of Soul Trap. The team had the event space set up perfectly for Whiskey Rumble and where extremely flexible in hosting the bout.

As the rounds continued it was not long till the peated favourite was able to pack the punch amongst the other contenders and Connemara was crowned the champion of the competition.

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