My Whisky Journey 2019 - By Ash Parmar

My Whisky Journey 2019 - By Ash Parmar

A person we have become close with is Ash Parmar. He is across the Tasman in New Zealand, but you could not meet a more passionate and dedicated man when it comes to Whisky. From running his own bottle shops, hosting his own Youtube Channel and then driving around New Zealand to share the love of Whisky while hosting bespoke tasting event. This guy lives and breathes Whisky, so it was with great excitement when Ash contacted us recently and told us about his new book.

The book is having a pre-sale for $1 (USD) from Amazon and you can order it here

My Whisky Journey (Preface - By Ash Parmar)

2019 for me, was the year of Whisky Discovery on a whole different level. All my social activities in real life and online have revolved around discovering outstanding drams from around the world.

This book is my attempt to summarize my whole year into 12+1 key moments. 12+1 key moments when I tried a whisky that made me stop and think long and hard about what I was experiencing. Drinking high-quality whiskies is a pursuit of amazing flavours and smells, which I enjoyed in my unique ways.

The idea for this book came to me in Mid December of 2019 when I was scrolling through over 5000 photos and videos in my phone’s gallery and Instagram posts. 2019 has been an incredible year of travel for me. All of the stories also cover my travel exploits in name of whisky.

Quite often, I turn to my phone’s pictures date stamps to figure out where I was on specific dates. I take photos of everything; in particular whiskies I am drinking. Especially ones that are very memorable. After an extensive cull, I have narrowed it down to 12+1 outstanding whiskies that wowed me in 2019.

My life is beyond amazing right now, and Because of my Business Eight Pm, I am exposed to some very high-quality whiskies. I am constantly attending trade functions, visiting whisky festivals, receiving samples from trade and friends/family. Plus, an endless supply of bottles left over from Whisky Tastings I host.

In the book, I share with you a date in each month from January to December 2019 when I tried a particular Whisky that wowed me. I also tell a little story about how I got hold of the whisky or travels leading up to it.

Plus my Whisky of the Year 2019.

If you're ready to have a look at some great insight and detailed tasing notes of an interesting guy's Whisky Journey go ahead and download it.

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