Peat and Meat - Whisky Tasting - 14 Feb 21

Peat and Meat - Whisky Tasting - 14 Feb 21

Peated and Meat was all about balancing amazing Peated Whiskies with exquisite meat dishes from the Bootlegger Bar. Covering a range of whiskies from NSW craft Distilleries one of the high lights was trying the first whisky release from Newcastle Distillery (Victor Hingstone) and also the new peated release from Black gate Distillery (BG075).

Started with the fan favourite of a Corowa Characters Highball, this was followed with the Corowa Distillery Single Cask #242 - a cask strength ex-bourbon, Jack Daniels cask. The sweetness from this opened everyone’s palate for the remainder of the afternoon and started the show case of just Peated Whisky's.

The First Release from Newcastle Distillery - Victor Hingstone was our second dram of the afternoon and a first time tasting for all. It’s name pays homage to the owner’s Grandfather and this was matured in a 100L Port Cask. The mild peat and succulent fruits were well received and an ABV of 60% show cased its versatility.

Did I mention the food yet?  As each whisky was served, beautifully cooked  chicken wings, pulled pork buns, pop corn chicken and bbq brisket paired naturally with the whisky selections. As always, the Bootlegger delivered in the food department. The Riverbourne Supremacy was poured next and we took the time to explain the use of peat bricks in the kilning process and also the distilling process. The crowd found it fascinating about the flavour profiles which emerge during a spirit run when distilling. A blossom of floral flavours, butter, spice and then the revered peat.

Black Gate’s Tawny Cask was the next thing in people’s glasses, which was the first warm weather distillery in NSW. We took great length to explain the specialties of this distillery from the 6 monthly distilling window, direct heat gas still and the fermentation which takes place in a cool room. The coal and fruit flavours of this warmed the crowd.

The final two whisky were both cask strength and from the Corowa Characters Single Cask Range. Cask #250 was unveiled and this is an ex-bourbon cask which matured Shiraz from the Barossa. It has juicy fruit flavours with Peat just sitting beneath. At 62.2% Cask 250 is very smooth and drinks like it doesn’t have such a high ABV.

The final dram for the evening was the French Oak, Port Cask, Heavy Peat - Cask #248. At 62.5% it has equal amounts of fruit and peat. It is complex yet balanced, as each flavour is at the same intensity. A perfect Whisky to end the tasting on.

As the whisky and food came to an end, it was time to bring out the Affogato dessert topped with Pedro Ximenez Sherry from Joadja Distillery. This simple yet addition elevated the dessert to the next level and everyone soon fell in love with this stunning Sherry.

It was another amazing evening with Whisky Enlightenment and The Bootlegger Bar working together and show casing local Distilleries. If you haven’t been to the Boot Legger Bar yet - You should.  Their amazing food menu, huge cocktail range and massive Whisky range means that you evening is guaranteed to be perfect.

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