Riverbourne and Japanese Whisky Tasting event - 24 Feb 19

Riverbourne and Japanese Whisky Tasting event - 24 Feb 19

When it comes to tasting whisky, there is no better way to do it, than to taste it against another dram. This helps you distinguish any subtle characters between them. This is how we like to craft our tasting events. 

With popular Whisky coming from Japan and the undiscovered gems from Australia, we developed this tasting event to allow people to trial these known and unknown distilleries against each other

The bottles selected for the event were:

1. Riverbourne - Identity

2. Riverbourne - Ultimatum

3. Riverbourne - Supremacy 

4. Ichiro's Malt (Chichibu) - Double Distilleries

5. Ichiro's Malt (Chichibu) - Wine Wood Reserve

6. Ichiro's Malt (Chichibu) - Mizunara Wood Reserve

7. Yoichi 2000's (Distillery Limited)

8. Akashi (White Oak) Tokyo Bar Show - Single Cask No. 101226

Chichibu Distillery (Japan) is very revered in the global whisky community. Yoichi is the northern distillery of Japan with their peated focus and Akashi focusing on seasonal, smaller batches, matured in a warmer climate. These distilleries are amazing and the boom of the Japanese Whisky market has only made them gain more legs. The choice of Riverbourne made the tasting exciting because no one at the event had tried them. We were very appreciative when the Owner and Distiller (Martin Pye) of Riverbourne helped host the event with us.

With the Whiskies paired against each other, it made the event more worthy to differentiate the unmistakable elements of these delicious drams. With much faith in the selected Japanese whiskies to overwhelm the guests,  we were mistaken with the popular vote of the guests loving the Riverbourne Whiskies.

With Martin and also being hosted by The Owl House, it make the event much more outstanding.

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