Scotch Rumble - 11 May 19

Scotch Rumble - 11 May 19

Brough track by popular demand, the 'Scotch Rumble' focused on some great Scotches and fighting them off against each other. With them dancing around the ring and some education, it took a few hours to see a victor emerge. This bout occurred at  Soul Trap Bar (Sydney, Australia) on 11 May 19. The only way to judge each match, was to have the customers vote on the winner from each round.

 The line up was:

1. The Ardmore - Legacy

2. Glenfiddich 12 Yrs

3. Aberfeldy 12 Yrs

4. The Balvenie - Double Wood - 12 Yrs

5. Highland Park 10 Yrs

6. Talisker 10 Yrs

7. GlenGrant 10 Yrs

8. Ardbeg 10 Yrs

A strong line up, made a fierce competition and as we progressed through the rounds of the Scotches; The peated or more complex Scotches with a finishing cask, moved forward to the next round. It is important to note of the educational side of this tasting event, as we discussed the interesting things about each distillery, what made this scotch unique and their tasting notes. However the highlight was the crowd tasting them and provide their own feedback on what they tasted and what they preferred.

Round one was fantastic and we tried 8 different Scotches, so it was only right to freshen the palate and the team of Soul Trap put on some amazing Sliders, which hit the spot nicely. It is worthy to note, the Soul Trap team had the event space set up perfectly for Scotch Rumble and where extremely flexible in hosting the bout.

As the rounds continued it was not long till a victor was crowned champion. The the final round was a close finish with The Balvenie coming out ahead of Ardbeg.

The finish was superb, with a great day of education, Scotch tasting and making new friends. Please come and join our next event!

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