Craft Works Distillery - New Releases

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Craft Works Distillery - New Releases

It is no surprise that Craig (aka Crafty) from Craft Works Distillery has been working hard to prepare his new releases. It has been no easy feat with the Bush fires, floods and now Corona Virus. However, he managed to have them hit the streets on Saturday 18 April 2020, flooding your social media accounts, keeping you up to date. He does not through vanity, but as big supporter / promoter of all distilleries, particularly the ones from NSW.

Whisky Enlightenment were very lucky to have some 50ml samples sent to us and soon they will be available to order through our website. The new releases are:

Capertee - Release 2

This follows from the Capertee - Release 1. Although the first one was made from spirit from Riverbourne Distillery, this is from an undisclosed NSW Distillery and made from a combination of charred and non-charred barrels - 100L Chardonnay / 200L Bourbon / 20L Botrytis. It is bottled at 47.5% ABV, comes in a 375 ml bottle and a great valued whisky at RRP $95. (Coming soon to Whisky Enlightenment)

Tokay Okay

This brightly labeled whisky is matured in a Tokay wine cask with a heavy char. Craig says it tastes like sweet juicy marmalade, which sounds brilliant. This one is also from an undisclosed NSW Distillery. It is released at 54.0% ABV, comes in a 500 ml bottle and RRP $175. (Coming soon to Whisky Enlightenment)

Grumpy Old Man on a Hill

The first peated expression from Craft Works has come from Riverbourne Distillery The Grumpy old man is meant to be Martin Pye who is the owner and distiller from Riverbourne. This spirit is made with peated barley from Scotland (Inverness Highlands), hand mashed and matured in an ex-bourbon barrel. Craft Works describes it as 'malt, smokey biscuit.' It is released in a 500 ml bottle at 53.8% ABV and RRP $175. (Coming soon to Whisky Enlightenment)

Martin Pye - Grumpy Old Man on a Hill

As you are aware the whisky from Craft Works is cask influenced and he has a unique combination as both an Independent Bottler and a Distiller. As a relatively new distillery, he is yet to release his own product. If it comes out with some age, it will be brilliant.

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